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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our most frequently asked questions list below to learn everything you need to know!

Jump and Slide is a top pick for anyone looking to set up rentals for their event because:

  • We handle delivery, installation, and dismantling so that your event is good to go “right out the box” before guests get through the door. We also pack up your rented items as soon as your event is over.
  • We provide uncontested customer service. A lot of businesses say it, but our reviews speak for themselves.
  • We offer party planning checklists upon inquiry so that you can throw the perfect party.
  • Our aim is to be more than simply another party rental business: we’re your trusted advisor when it comes to all things party rental related.

It has been our experience that we can provide inflatables and other party rental items for every type of event, but if you have any doubts, please click the chat button below to speak with a customer care representative. We’re always happy to hear from our customers.

Good question. We understand the inconvenience of having to wait, and then return to the site, only to find out that the product you want was usurped by someone else.

The sooner you book, the better the chances. We offer a risk-free cancellation up to 24 hours before your event for a full refund of any money you’ve put down as a deposit. We get that things don’t always pan out. The weather is unpredictable, kids catch bugs, and plans change. Jump and Slide has you covered.

Electronic payments or checks only.

Unfortunately, we do not.

We will just list the types of ground surfaces we cannot accommodate. We do not set up inflatables on graveled ground, inclines, or uneven surfaces. If you’re not certain about the location of your event, give us a buzz, and we’ll help you tackle the details.

Yes. That said, it is your prerogative to gain access through the proper channels for equipment rented and placed in other public locations. It can take up to 2-3 more business days while requests are processed if proof of insurance is needed. If you have other questions, call our customer care reps, who will be sure to take you through the rental process in more detail.

There are restrictions for events held in apartment centers. We can only set up an apartment complex if your event has been approved by the HOA or leasing office (we will ask for that proof), and the inflatable will be set up in a common room around the clubhouse or leasing office.

Every inflatable or ride comes with a fixed safety label. The label showcases how many participants can be inside an inflatable together. It also comes with your attraction’s weight limitations. Please remember that adult supervision is required at all times when your kids are actively using the attractions.

Yes completely! As a family-owned business ourselves, it is our utmost responsibility to make sure your family is as well taken care of as our own. Each of our inflatables are thoroughly cleaned and examined after every rental, and they are disinfected habitually. We pull out all the stops to create a risk-free environment for your kids.

Any and all cancellations made more than 24 hours from your delivery time guarantee you a full refund.

We will hold onto your deposit so that you have the option to reschedule your event for later, if you need to. This keeps the items you rented from returning to inventory on the day you need them. Think of them as reserved tickets. We retain your ticket for up to a year, so that you have room to pick a new date for your event.

If we are given no prior notice until less than 24 hours before your cancellation or need to reschedule, a twenty-five percent restocking fee will apply to your deposit before we refund you the balance.

Yes, our units can be set up indoors as well! Keep in mind that while we carry a few shorter units, a ceiling height of (around 18’-20’) is required to accommodate most inflatables. The inflatable must not be set up too near hot lights, fire prevention equipment, air conditioning vents, or any fire hazards. Any gym, church, public hall, mall, or location with high roofs qualify perfectly.

Tipping is all down to choice and your satisfaction with our service. If you believe your experience earns them a tip, feel free to tip our hard-working staff. Our dedicated team members would be thrilled.

  1. The first step is to remove your children from the inflatable.
  2. Give your delivery driver a call or dial the office at 770-448-5515 to inform Jump and Slide of any concerns about personnel or equipment. If there’s an emergency, dial 911.
    Typically, inflatable failures are caused by interrupted power, so check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. The circuit breaker may have been tripped, so you should identify other electronic devices plugged into the same circuit and try to plug them into a different circuit. Try resetting the breakers once that is done.
  1. Our rentals are fed by a blower that uses a factory standard 110-volt, 20 AMP, three-prong electrical outlet. The blower draws roughly 9 to 10 Amps (1,000 -1,100w), which is half the power of a corded electric leaf blower. Your power source should be within 100 feet of the inflatable, and the blower should be plugged in at all times to keep the unit functioning as intended.

    Use different power sources for secondary equipment and the inflatable. They are powered by a standard 110-volt, 20 AMP, three-prong electrical, and each requires 7 to 11 Amps (900-1,300w) – that’s the same as your coffee machine! Remember, our delivery team handles all the inflatable handiwork for you, so you don’t have to worry yourself over it, but it’s good information to have.

    Jump and Slide-supplied generators will only work when combined with Jump and Slide equipment. Generators are used to power rental units when a site lacks additional power sources. Drop by our Accessories page for units and pricing.

Still have questions?

Give us a call at: 770-448-5515