Jumbo Yard Pong

Jumbo Yard Pong

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Jumbo Yard Pong is sure to add a ton of fun to any party. The game can be played with or without filling the containers with water. You must take two shots per turn. For every shot made, a container will be removed. containers can be rearranged once per game. The person/team that eliminates all containers first, wins!

Why Choose our Jumbo Yard Pong Game?

  • Includes 12 20 gallon heavy duty red containers and 2 volleyballs 
  • The containers are designed just like Solo Cups to make it feel just like a large version of Table Pong
  • Containers are light and easy to move, so they can be set up on ay surface, indoors or outdoors
  • Even if the containers aren't filled with water, they are heavy enough to not tip over when the ball lands in them

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